How do you inflate balloons?

How do you inflate balloons?

Step 1: Find the opening in the tail, or bottom of the balloon. Step 2: Push the opening of the balloon onto the nozzle of the pump until it looks airtight. Step 3: Hold the balloon in place while you press the nozzle to pump the helium into the balloon.

Can I inflate balloons myself?

To blow up your balloon you will need a balloon pump. If you really want to forge ahead without a balloon pump, you can use a straw, however you may not be able to achieve the same inflation. One of you blows up the balloon, the other pinches the end once it is inflated.

How does inflating a balloon work?

Blowing up a balloon involves forcing additional air particles from your lungs into the balloon. These particles hit the inside walls of the balloon creating enough air pressure to force the rubber of the balloon to expand and the balloon to inflate.

How long do self inflating balloons last?

Standard 17-inch balloons are self-sealing and last up to a week when properly inflated. 17 inches is the minimum size required for a foil balloon to float.

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