How long do cedar shingles last?

How long do cedar shingles last?

In addition to the stunning natural beauty of cedar shingles, they remain a popular roofing material with homeowners and builders because they can last as long as 50 years when properly maintained.

What is the difference between #1 and #2 cedar shingles?

Distinctions u2013 Cedar shingles come in a number of different grades. Grade 3 is affordable, perfect for walls or sheds. Grade 2 is typically used as a starter course or for re-roofing while Grade 1 is premium quality

How often do you need to replace cedar shingles?

As long as it’s properly installed and with proper maintenance, you can expect to get 30 years of life out of your cedar shake roof. If you invest in quality materials and live in an area with the right conditions, you could possibly get up to 50 years out of it.

Do cedar shingles need maintenance?

Cedar shingle maintenance must include protective treatments every one to three years. Without treatments, cedar shakes can degrade, buckle, rot, and even burn. To protect and preserve your roof, every few years, professionally apply water and fire repellents, fungicides, and algaecides to the shingles.

Do cedar shingles need to be replaced?

White cedar shingles should be replaced roughly every 20 years. There are natural and dipped shingles. Natural shingles are the traditional raw wood, left out to weather shingles.

What is the life expectancy of cedar shake siding?

20-40 years

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