Does Texas have the Safe Haven Law?

Does Texas have the Safe Haven Law?

The idea behind Texas’ safe haven law is simple. Any parent can bring their baby who is less than 60 days old to a fire station, hospital or EMS station and hand it over, no questions asked. If the baby is unharmed, parents face no criminal charges and the Department of Family and Protective Services takes custody.

Why is it called the baby Moses law?

It states that a parent may leave an unharmed infant up to 60 days old at any hospital or fire station with x26quot;no questions asked.x26quot; The law is nicknamed x26quot;The Baby Moses Lawx26quot; based on the biblical story of baby Moses

When was the baby Moses law passed?


Why do babies get left at fire stations?

The Safe Haven law typically allows unharmed children under 3 weeks of age to be surrendered at a fire station, hospital or other designated place with no names taken and no questions asked. This ensures that babies are not abandoned in cold or dangerous conditions

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