Can you eat Key lime pie if pregnant?

Can you eat Key lime pie if pregnant?

Here’s the bottom line for safety: The USDA says consumers should avoid eating raw eggs and foods containing raw eggs. That makes a lot of our favorite recipes off limits — from homemade Caesar salad, hollandaise sauce and eggnog to chocolate mousse, meringues and our beloved Key lime pie.

Can you eat pie in pregnancy?

Any food which is undercooked can be risky, along with foods that are left sitting out for a while, such as side dishes at a barbecue so make sure ready-prepared foods like microwave meals, pasties and pies are all thoroughly cooked through to avoid bugs.

Is lime OK to eat while pregnant?

Limes and citrus fruits are safe to eat during pregnancy. It’s natural to get cravings for these fruits — even if you were never too fond of them before. Actually, BabyCenter recommends fruits as an essential part of a healthy pregnancy diet.

What can a pregnant woman eat at a Mexican restaurant?

Mexican food and pregnancy Best bets: Tacos and burritos with protein-packed beans and grilled veggies are a great choice. Better yet, ask for a taco salad or burrito bowl with plenty of greens, salsa, corn, and beans to pack a nutritional punch.

Can you eat Key lime cheesecake when pregnant?

Cheesecakes tend to be high in calories and sugar. A 100 gram slice of a store-bought plain cheesecake has 350 calories, 27.64 grams of fat and 15.45 grams of sugar. Doctors recommend that pregnant women eat about 300 extra calories a day. So, try not to eat too much of this high-calorie dessert

Does Key Lime Pie contain raw eggs?

Traditionally the filling for this pie remains unbaked. If you would like to leave it unbaked you can. The acidity from the lime juice will help the egg yolks to gel and allow the filling to set.

Is it safe to eat pies while pregnant?

It’s safe to eat mince pies while you’re pregnant, provided that they don’t contain any alcohol. Although mince pies are usually made with eggs, and often contain beef suet, they will be fully cooked by the time the mince pies are baked, so you don’t need to worry about this.

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